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24 Volts!
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Want to make it faster as well as reliable?
If you want your power wheels, peg perego,or Dumar power wheels like machine, then check out going from 12 volts to 18 volts. You do have the charge a 12v and a 6v battery, but it is safer and more reliable than 24 volts.

What batteries to buy? Well you can either use 3 6 volts or a 12 v and a 6 v. Either way go to 18 volts and you will have a much faster ride for your little one. This is my favorite " power wheel mods " of all time. Of all of the modifications I have made to these machines from horns on the power wheels (actually a DUMAR) solstice, or lights in the front and back power wheels modifications I like 18 volts the best.

Did I mention this is a DUMAR? I didnt realize it at the time, but this isnt actually a power wheels. What is different? Well it has the same gearbox as a Power wheel, it has the same sort of battery, but has a much beefier chassis, much better steering that will not wear out. It is like a light go kart. I bought it at Wal*mart and couldnt have been happier.

Anyway here is the video -

4/19/2006 12:28:35 AM