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 Best PWM controller off Ebay (or Elsewhere)
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Posted - 11/01/2006 :  12:07:15  Show Profile
OK, I was going to jump on one of these auctions...but it seems everytime I jump on anything on ebay, I wish I hadnt afterward. So, the obvious course? ASK!

What's the best PWM controller you can get off ebay?

These might be rated for:

1. Ease of use
2. Durability
3. Cost
4. Amenable to modifications, like "I need to make it work at 18V"
5. Availability (Yeah, I got mine for $10, it's great - but the only other one I've seen was BIN for $295)

I agree with another post here that getting 99% of what you need is favorable cost-wise to getting parts from multiple sources, going out for etch circuit boards, drilling mounting holes in the aluminum...

I'm guessing that Curtis controller might top the list...but can you make it work at 12 or 18V?


Joe Jasniewski

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Posted - 11/01/2006 :  18:27:30  Show Profile
Why are you set on Ebay? I buy my stuff from TNC Scooters and have had no problems with their prices or service.

Just what are you looking for anyways? A $15 controller meant for a scooter works just fine in a PW. What most controllers won't do is work on 18v. Common voltages are 24 and 36. Even the cheapest controllers have undervoltage protection to save the batteries so they won't work on 18v. The Curtis 1505 controllers are sweet, but they cost a fortune and are 24v only.

Good luck in your search.

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Posted - 11/02/2006 :  06:12:40  Show Profile
jamesonsdad is right on about that.

Also, the only way to (cheaply) get 18V variable speed is to run the powerwheels off of a 36V controller, placing the motors in series.

Like jamesonsdad said, a $15 controller, a $9 throttle will do what you need.


First take the gas pedal apart, then determine which 2 wires (I don't remember off hand) to switch in order to reverse the operation. You want the 4-wheeler to "go" all the time until the pedal is pushed, then it will "stop", EXACTLY opposite of the way it functions from the factory. Make sure you test it with the stock battery.

Second, install the 36V controller and throttle on the quad. Instead of hooking the motor output of the controller up to the motors, hook it up to the battery INPUT of the stock PW wiring harness.

Install the batteries and test the operation. KEEP the vehicle in the low speed setting so it will keep the motors in series (this is for a modern 1 battery Powerwheels which either puts the motors in series, low, or parallel, high). You will need to keep the motors in series for the quad to be able to turn corners due to the traction of the rubber tires.

What you will have now is a hand throttle controlling the speed and a foot brake that can be activated for braking while still retaining the REVERSE of the stock wiring harness. If you don't push the foot brake, it will coast to a stop. Even if you have the throttle wide open, the foot brake will cut the power and short the motors together for safe braking action. You may want to upgrade the wiring to something thicker if it gets too hot.

If you choose to run a 24V controller, then you can have a vehicle that can run in low (12V to each motor) or high (24V), modern single battery wiring harness of course. 24V with a scooter controller is not as bad as it sounds, since it limits current and accelerates to top speed fairly slowly. I never had a problem with overheated motors with 24V but I didn't run it in the grass either. HOWEVER, IF YOU are running rubber tires like you, turning will be VERY difficult with the motors in parallel, if you have plastic tires this is not an issue.

Good Luck!

Edited for explanation on running motors in series to allow turning with rubber tires.

Edited by - K-man on 11/02/2006 08:15:14
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Posted - 11/02/2006 :  17:49:39  Show Profile  Send UnaClocker a Yahoo! Message
Try my turning mod if you're having trouble turning.. It works REALLY well.. :)
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Posted - 11/08/2006 :  16:36:16  Show Profile
Which wires do i switch under the gas peddle?also if im using a 24 volt controller how do i wire the motors to it so that it still uses the stock brake system also i need to know how to wire the battery to the controller i have one quad with 1 battery(12 volt)and one with 2 6volt batteries Thanks any pics would also help
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