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Q: What is this site about?
Well exactly it was created to answer the many needs of Power Wheels owners. Owners of Power Wheels that could use a fix or are in need of some performance improvements. Be sure to visit the forum and read the previous posts and then post your own question.

Q: What sort of modifications are possible?
We have users that have doubled the power in their powerwheels, fixed the gearboxes, lifted it 6" over the wheels and installed lights - to name a few.

Q: How do I register for your site?
Click the forums link to the left and register in the forums in the upper right.

Q: My grandson would like me to do a 12 volt upgrade on his Powerwheels. Is this possibleā€¦if so, where do I get the parts etc?
Sure it is possible. That is why this site was created. You want to first decide how you are going to get two 6volt batteries. Does the one you have now work? Does your charger work? Do you want to utilize the same charger? If you are going form 6V to 12V you need two 6V batteries. You hook them in a series using some sort of male and female connectors found at radio shack. I use the slip type round crimp. Charge only one battery at a time. Get the extra battery from (call or email). make sure you tell them you want either one 6V additional or one 12V to completely replace. If you already have a charger, just use it. Make sure you dont charge either with the wrong voltage and charge under 1.5 amps.

Q: What about Peg Perego?
We are adding Peg Perego everyday. Sure we are modified power wheels , but really we cater to any type of childrens motorized toy. Peg Perego has a home at We are working them into the forums. I have personally picked up a Peg Perego machine and I am going to work on fixing it up. It is clear early on that these machines are very similar. I am working with a great supplier of Peg Perego parts to ensure the videos that are created are of the highest quality and incorporate OEM parts whenever possible.